Four-Handed Massage

Four-Handed Massage

Four-Handed Massage

Massage FAQs

Treat yourself to an extra special Four-Handed Massage with both Daniel and a choice of three other masseurs (Ash, Frank or Kris.) Please ask for details.

As we need to have two therapists available at the same time, and they will need to travel here, you will need to book a few days in advance. We will also need a 50% deposit to secure your booking. If you fail to show up or cancel with less than 24 hours notice, this deposit is non refundable.



How much is a Four-Handed Massage?

Prices will vary and will depend upon which massage therapist we are able to book.

For Daniel and Ash:

60 minutes: £170
90 minutes: £240
2 hours: £310


For other therapists, please ask for prices



What is a Four-Handed Massage?

A Four-Handed Massage is a Swedish Massage with two massage therapists.

A Four-Handed Massage (or 4-Handed Massage or Duo Massage) is a therapy that involves both of us working on you at the same time, creating a choreographed massage.

For example, we could massage both your legs or arms at the same time. Alternatively, one of us could work on the right side of your back while the other works on the left. One of us may focus on a specific area of the body or one of us will work on your upper body and the other will work on your lower body.

We will usually use Swedish Massage techniques, combining long, slowing strokes with other techniques that are designed to relax your body. You can ask for special attention to be paid to one area of your body, such as your back or legs; we can tailor our massage session to your specific needs.

When it is done well, a Four-Handed Massage feels like you are completely enveloped in sensation and can be quite a wonderful experience.

One of us will take the lead and the other will follow, but it should feel like we are doing the same thing at the same time. Marcio and Daniel have similar styles and touch and work well together, so you will be in for a treat.

Four-Handed Massage comes from the Ayurvedic tradition, where it is called Abhyanga.

Please Contact Us for more details.

The Daniel Beauty Difference

You will be treated while lying on the most luxurious and comfortable massage table that we have been able to find. It is electrically-operated; it not only moves up and down but we can also move the "head end" upwards and the "feet end" down.

To keep you warm, the massage table is covered with an electric blanket and we will also cover you with a heavy towel of the finest Egyptian cotton.

The massage table has an easily-cleaned, heavily-padded surface and a face hole that allows you to breathe easily while you are lying face down. We also use an orthopedic pillow to correct the position of your body.

When you come to us for an hour's massage, that is exactly what you get: a whole hour of treatment. The massage usually begins with a few Shiatsu Massage pressure points on your back and shoulders, followed by the Swedish Massage treatment (outlined below) and then a short Indian head massage to complete the treatment.

If you visit some therapists, saunas or salons your hour's massage treatment will include 5 minutes at the start for getting undressed and onto the massage table, then another 5 or 10 minutes at the end for you to lie there quietly, come back into the real world and get dressed. Not so with us.

Your appointment consists of a whole hour of massage therapy. So please allow longer than an hour for your appointment, especially if it is your first time when we will ask you to complete a health questionnaire.

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Massage FAQs

Sports Massage

It doesn't matter if you sit at a desk all day or play sport at a high level, if you strain a muscle, the nature of the damage to tissues is the same.

The Sports or Deep Tissue massage techniques have been developed to give you a deep and invigorating massage treatment.

Sports Massage

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is an ancient treatment that has been practised in India for hundreds years.

Energy lines on and around the head are stimulated to reduce tension and blocked energies and to assist the body to normalise its ability to function.

Indian head massage

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu seeks to re-establish vital energy in the body.

This ancient treatment believes the body is covered with essential lines called meridians along which energy flows.

When energy is blocked, it causes pain, dysfunction and fatigue.

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