Double Chin Treatment

Double Chin Treatment in Woking Surrey

Double Chin Treatment in Woking Surrey

If you have a double chin, and let's be honest most of us do, we can reduce your double chin - making you look slimmer and younger.

As we get older, the skin around our jawline and chin gets looser and we deposit more fat there too.

Introducing Chin Up Mask, as revolutionary non-surgical face lift kit.

Chin Up Mask costs just £20

FAST: you can rapidly lose 2cm in 30 minutes.

DEFENCE AGAINST AGEING: defends against the visible signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles

PROVEN & TESTED: performs skin tightening and restores loose, sagging skin

VISIBLE RESULTS: instantly lifts and firms your neck and chin by 20 per cent

chin up mask

Chin Up Mask treats the cause of these problems, not the symptoms.

These are the benefits of Chin Up Mask:

* lifts and firms your jawline
* reduces fat
* improves the natural firmness of your skin
* tightens your skin
* helps with dry or de-hydrated skin
* visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite
* anti-ageing
* targets multiple areas at the same time
* anti-wrinkle
* re-generates your skin
* improves the smoothness of your skin
* increased skin elasticity
* anti-oxidant
* moisturising

Here is how the Chin Up Mask has helped people so far:

And this is what happens when you book a Chin Up Mask treatment:

And here at Daniel Beauty, we have tried the Chin Up Mask too:

Ricky Before:

ricky chin up before

Ricky During:

ricky chin up during

Ricky After:

ricky chin up after

Daniel Before:

daniel chin up before

Daniel After:

daniel chin up after

What is in the Chin Up Mask work?

Chin Up Mask contains fruit extracts and four other ingredients:

Vitamin E protects the skin from free radicals, moisturises and protects the skin, improves the smoothness and elasticity and acts as an anti-oxidant. Vitamin E also encourages the generation of tissues with fibro-plastic characteristics and contractile properties. It improves the natural firmness of the skin and reduces fat in the targeted areas,

Corum 9235 stimulates the absorption of serum promoting the losing of chin fat. It also gives a warming sensation when applied to the skin

Q10 Coenzyme stimulates the strengthening of skin cells and promotes the regeneration of skin. It also has strong anti-oxidant effects and gives immediate relief from dry and de-hydrated skin. It has anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle properties.

Skintronics stimulates the breaking down of fat molecules in skin cells. It facilitates fat release, restores skin firmness as cellulite diminishes and helps with the contouring process. Skintronics converts fat into stabilised fibrous tissue, eases the edema under the cheeks, jaw and chin, helps boost the density of collagen and increases cell tension. It also lifts and firms skin by up to 20%.

chin up mask

So how does the Chin Up Mask work?

Chin Up Mask works on the cells of the skin, stimulating the breaking down of fat molecules in the skin. It also encourages the re-generation of the skin cells.

Here is the science behind the treatment:

If you would like to know more or just to talk to us about the Chin Up Mask treatment please just call us on 01483 779997.

chin up mask

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